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Renees Changing Attitudes

I'm Not Only Changing Attitudes, I'm Changing Lives

How To Measure

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1) Measure your head circumference with a tape measure around your hairline.

Circumference: This measures the distance around your head. Starting at the center of the front hairline, place the tape flat against your head, going just above the ear towards the back of the head, keeping the tape at the nape of your neck and go around to the opposite side of your head, just above the opposite ear and returning to the center of the front hairline.

2)Measure Front to Nape

Front to Nape: This measures the length of your head from the front to the nape of your neck.

To determine where the nape of your neck is, tilt your head back and look up. Where your neck bends and may even develop a skin fold, is where your nape is.

You want the bottom of the wig to sit right above this area so that when you do tilt your head back that far, your wig will not shift on your head. This area is often right at the occipital bone. Be sure to take the measurement with your neck bent down .

Starting at the front hairline, measure directly] across the middle top of your head to the area that you have determined is your nape.

3) Measure from Ear to Ear Across Forehead

Ear to Ear/Forehead: This measures your ear to ear length for tape tab placement. Place tape at the top edge of your ear, bring tape across the front hairline, down to the opposite ear.

5)Measure from Temple to Temple Around the Back of Head

Temple to temple: Place tape against your head at the front edge of the hairline (side burn area) in front of the ear, go around the head above the occipital bone to the opposite front edge of the hairline.

6)Measure the Nape of Your Neck

 Nape: This measures the width of your neck. Place tape at the lowest point on your hairline and measure across the neck to the opposite side.